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KB Breakfast with parents

Dear KB Parents,
Please join your child for breakfast on
Wednesday, September 3, 2014 at 8:00 A.M.
You will have the opportunity to speak with your child's homerooom teacher, administrators, and other parents. Come and enjoy some coffee or juice and a light breakfast.

Gifted and Talented (GATE)

No U-Turn

Dear Parents,
Please be sure to obey all traffic laws during Drop Off and Dismissal. Not only for your safety, but also for the safety of fellow drivers.
Thank you, HSS Elementary

UPDATE to Academic Calendar

Child Find

It is the policy of the Harmony Charter School to locate and identify any child who contacts or enrolls in the Charter School who may have a disability and be in need of special education and related services, regardless of the severity of the disability, in accordance with its procedures as reflected in the CHILD FIND legal framework of the Legal Framework for the Child-Centered Special Education Process, located at: http://framework.esc18.net/. read more…

How are members of the Harmony Board of Directors selected?

Harmony's Board of Directors, serve as unpaid volunteers and can be nominated by anyone, including existing Board members, Harmony school employees, parents of Harmony students, Harmony alumni and the general public. The existing Board reviews the qualifications of nominees, seeking individuals who have expertise, experience or leadership abilities that will contribute to maintaining a continued standard of excellence for Harmony Public Schools and students. Once each year, the existing Board votes on nominations to replace members whose terms have expired, or who have left the Board for other reasons.



 September 2, Tuesday
Gifted and Talented Student and Parent Night @ 3:45-4:30
 September 3, Wednesday
KB Parent Breakfast
@ 8:00am
 September 5, Friday
5:00pm Open House
3rd - 6th
 September 10, Wednesday
1A Parent Breakfast
@ 8:00am
 September 11, Thursday
5:00pm P.T.O. Meeting

Harmony School of Science